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Apache SSL Offloading

Application servers such as Jetty abd Tomcat are widely used in today’s world. If SSL termination is done on the application server, such as Jetty, it may impact the performance of Jetty. You can also terminate SSL on the load balancer, but load balancers…

What happens when you type in ‘www.cnn.com’ in your browser?

What happens when you type in http://www.cnn.com in your browser? The communication between your client and a web server can be divided into the following components. Assumptions: You are on a Linux client and trying to connect from your Comcast home cable connection. –…

Improving Apache performance

Remove modules Apache include many modules that are enabled, and you may not be needing all of them, disable the ones you do not need. (By default in CentOS when you install Apache, over 50 modules are loaded.) This will help speed up Apache….

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