Starting a career in Project Management

If you are considering starting a career in Project Management, here is one possible pathway that I will try to highlight.

  1. Acquire certification that shows you have domain knowledge. Take a look at the Project Management Institute (PMI) certifications that can be found here.
  2. You can use a PMI certified training partner to prepare for the certification if you like. A list of the training partners can be found here.
  3. Once you have acquired the certification, prepare your resume. Read some guidelines from LinkedIn here. You can look at some sample resumes at BeamJobs.
  4. Write down a list of companies that you want to interview at. Start with the companies that in whom you have the least interest, and work your way to the company that you have the most interest in.
  5. Prepare for the interview using blogs such as from coursera, and also from simplilearn.
    You can also recommend reading Cracking the PM Interview. I also have some useful information on project management at my blog
  6. Watch some Ted Talks on project management and its related discipline.
  7. After each interview write down what you did well, and what you could have done better. For questions from the interviewer that you had no answer for, learn the answer before the next interview.
  8. Rinse and repeat steps 5 and 6

Depending upon the time you can allocate, it can take anywhere from 4 to 8 months before you land your entry level PM job.