Google Cloud DNS

Google Cloud DNS

Google Cloud DNS allows you to manage DNS through a CLI and also an API.
The steps involved in using Google Cloud DNS are listed below.

– Login to your project and enable Google Cloud API

– Verify domain ownership at

– One verification method is to provide Google login credentials to your domain name provider.
Google will create a DNS TXT record, such as the one shown below.

dig  txt

Additional verification methods are:

– Add an HTML meta tag to your site
– Use your Google Analytics account
– Use your Google Tag Manager account


Once you have verified domain ownership, you are ready to manage the domain.

– Check your quota

$ gcloud dns project-info get

– Create a test zone

$ gcloud dns managed-zone create --dns_name="" --description="A test zone" testzone

– Get a list of Google DNS server that manage your domain

$ gcloud dns managed-zone get testzone

– Login to your domain registrar, and change the DNS servers to point to the Google DNS servers for your domain

– Get a list of records in your zone

$ gcloud dns records --zone="testzone" list

– Add a record

$ gcloud dns records --zone=testzone edit



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