Installing additional software in Fedora

Fedora includes the following yum repos by default:
1) Fedora
2) Fedora-updates
3) Fedora-updates-testing
However, if you need to install additional software that is missing in the above repos, I would recommend adding RPM Fusion repo, which will allow you to install packages such as ‘VLC’. To install the additional repo, and installing VLC, try the below:

$ sudo rpm -Uvh
$ sudo yum install vlc -y

How do you install additional repos in Fedora? Share your comments in this blog.

1 thought on “Installing additional software in Fedora

  1. Jim

    You are only getting some of RPMFusion that way. You also need to add the nonfree repos. Same command just substitute nonfree for free.
    Be careful using the -y option with any command as it doesn’t give the option to opt out. Okay when you know what is going to happen but can be a problem occasionally. E.g. try installing a KDE application on a Gnome system and you will get a couple of hundred meg of dependencies you may not have been expecting.


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